Seasonal brew available in cans

SanTan Brewing Company has launched a seasonal brew in cans produced by Rexam.

The Arizona-based brewery is launching its first ever seasonal canned beer series with the help of the can maker.

Until now, SanTan Brewing’s lineup of seasonal brews has been available only on tap at participating restaurants, pubs and breweries throughout Arizona.

The first seasonal brew to see the inside of a mini keg will be SanTan’s newest seasonal, Rail Slide Imperial Spiced Ale. Rail Slide is brewed with winter flavours that add an edge to this smooth, spiced ale. Rail Slide boasts a bold 8.1% ABV, and is now available in Rexam 12oz cans and on tap.

SanTan seasonal brews are created to reflect the brewery’s mission of pairing craft beer with craft food.

“Our seasonal brews are in high demand so we’ve decided it’s high time we made them as available as our core brews,” says Anthony Canecchia, owner and head brewmaster of SanTan Brewing Company. “Now, by teaming with Rexam, our fans will be able to take their favorite SanTan seasonal along on their next CanVenture.”

SanTan Brewing Company has been preaching the benefits of canning since they launched into distribution two years ago, and currently offers their four core brews – Devil’s Ale, HefeWeizen Wheat, Epicenter Amber Ale and Hop Shock I.P.A. – in Rexam cans.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with SanTan Brewing Company to help them bring their unique beers to market in the ideal package,” adds Rich Grimley, president and CEO, Rexam Beverage Can North America. “Our aluminium can is a great packaging solution for the growing craft beer market, enabling brands to stand out on retail shelves while delivering superior recycling benefits, as well as distribution and retail display economics.”

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