Ball Aluminum Cup RVM installed at Copper Mountain resort

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Ball Aluminum Cups, Copper Mountain Resort and the POWDR Adventure Lifestyle Corporation have announced the installation of a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) at Jack’s Slopeside Grill to increase aluminium recycling in the mountain town. The machine was installed in February 2024 and will be available for the duration of the ski season through April 2024.

Ball Corporation, leading global provider of sustainable aluminium beverage packaging, worked with leading recycling data collection provider Recycle Track Systems (RTS) to install an RVM powered by RTS’s Cycle platform. The RVM is an essential component of Copper Mountain’s broader Play Forever commitment to protect the environment and support the mountain town community. Together, the environmental allies aim to incentivise increased recycling rates at one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado and educate consumers about the benefits of using aluminium. Guests can insert their Ball Aluminum Cup, aluminium can or aluminium bottle into the front of the machine, which then uses a conveyor belt to scan, crush and sort the aluminium packaging. Once the packaging is sorted, users will have the opportunity to scan a QR code and may be surprised with Play Forever merchandise.

“Installing the reverse vending machine at Copper Mountain Resort is an incredible opportunity to incentivise recycling and educate consumers about aluminium’s sustainable properties to help protect one of Colorado’s beloved mountain towns,” Ball Aluminum Cups’ vice president of commercial, Michelle Fick, said. “At Ball, we recognise the power of ski resorts and other outdoor adventure centres to drive change and believe interacting with the RVM will encourage guests to make more sustainable everyday choices while enhancing their experience at the resort.”

The Cycle-powered RVM installation will aid Copper Mountain Resort’s existing waste diversion efforts. At the end of the season, the Cycle-powered RVM will be able to provide metrics on the quantity, type and mass of aluminium recycled.

“At Copper Mountain Resort, we’re excited to reinforce our commitment to sustainability with the introduction of this reverse vending machine. In collaboration with partners like Ball and Recycle Track Systems, we’re revolutionising recycling practices and engaging our community in a meaningful way,” said Jeff Grasser, Copper Mountain Senior Resort operations and sustainability manager. “Together, through initiatives like this, we aim to inspire and reward participants, fostering a collective passion for a more sustainable future.”

“RTS is excited to enhance our collaboration with Ball Aluminum Cup at Copper Mountain, bringing our Cycle Reverse Vending Machines to the forefront of eco-innovation,” said Recycle Track Systems CEO, Gregory Lettieri. “This partnership is a testament to our mutual dedication to the environment and making recycling an engaging and meaningful activity. Beyond just reducing waste, we’re fostering a sense of environmental stewardship among visitors, showcasing the real-world impact of our collective efforts. It’s a step towards redefining environmental responsibility, blending sustainability seamlessly with the great outdoors.”

Infinitely recyclable and economically valuable, aluminium is the most sustainable beverage packaging material, and like aluminium cans, aluminium cups can be easily recycled and aluminium cans, cups and bottles can be recycled and back on a store shelf in about 60 days. The Ball Aluminum Cup is now composed of 90% recycled content, the highest recycled content rate of any beverage packaging in its category and is available in five different sizes. In addition to its sustainability and recycling strengths, the aluminium cup is lightweight, sturdy, cool to the touch and provides an elevated drinking experience.

For more information about Ball Aluminum Cups, visit Ball’s website. To learn about RTS’s Cycle Reverse Vending Machines, visit RTS’s website.

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