Royal Dutch launches special edition football cans using Canpack design

Image: United Dutch Breweries

To celebrate football with supporters all around the world and create a real standout on the shelf, United Dutch Breweries has tasked Canpack with producing a memorable set of limited-edition 330 ml cans for its flagship Royal Dutch Premium Lager using Quadromix can printing technology.

For this special edition, the classic Royal Dutch label has been replaced with specially commissioned lithography. At the stadium or at home, fans can enjoy their favourite beer in colourful cans that capture all the drama of the match, together with the refreshing sparkle of Royal Dutch.

United Dutch Breweries is an established Canpack business partner with a brewing heritage stretching back 500 years. One of their flagships is Royal Dutch, a superior and refined lager in the best Dutch tradition, respected around the world for its classic flavour and rich history.

The brand’s roots can be traced back to 1806, when the Post Horn brewpub was founded in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Its reputation for crafting high quality beer eventually reached the Dutch royal court which appointed the business as an official supplier in 1895.

Passionate about their work, the brew masters still only use natural spring water, the finest hops and the best harvest of barley malt to give Royal Dutch its bite without being too bitter. From its humble beginnings, the brand has grown to become one of Holland’s most respected beers and is enjoyed in over 55 countries worldwide.

Innovative techniques such as Quadromix enhance the story-telling capabilities of beverage cans. It allows cans to be printed with up to four different designs in the same production batch.

Krystyna Rojewska, sales manager at Canpack, explains how specially themed editions deepen the sense of community and belonging between brands and consumers.

“Brand relationships with consumers are enriched by these mixed design sets because they are actively engaged with the product while it is still on the shelf as they choose their own combination of cans,” she said. “The Quadromix technology is ideal for creating limited and collectible editions that boost the perception of a brand’s uniqueness.

“Building consumer engagement in this way makes it the perfect choice for special events like a football tournament.”

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