SPACElab switches to cans

Drinks maker SPACElab is packaging its health drink in 250ml Slim cans produced by Rexam.

The company has chosen the cans for its Body Fat Killer health product, which has been designed to naturally regulate body weight.

Body Fat Killer was originally launched to the Slovakian market in 2004 in 500ml PET bottles, but the superior features of the can have seen the product permanently move to Rexam’s cans. Ivan Ducko, owner of SPACElab, said: “As our product is made entirely of natural ingredients we wanted a packaging format which would ensure the drink would stay fresher for longer, especially as no preservatives are added.  The beverage can was the perfect solution as it extends the shelf life and ensures our customers enjoy our product in the best condition possible.”

The cans are produced at Rexam’s Gelsenkirchen plant in Germany where the product is initially being distributed, with future plans for expansion into other markets. Rexam worked closely with SPACElab to develop the can design and to ensure the striking pink colour was completed to the best possible standard to make the maximum impact at point of sale.

Harald Moser, sales director for Rexam Beverage Can, added: “The health drink segment is a fast growing area of the can market, and we are delighted to have been chosen by SPACElab to help them take advantage of this trend while providing a convenient drinking format for consumers that preserves the taste of the drink.”

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