Improved recycling rates in Europe

Apeal (the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging) has revealed that the recycling rate in Europe for steel food and beverage cans has risen again.

Figures revealed at packaging show Interpack demonstrate how recycling rates of steel packaging for Europe in 2009 increased by two per cent to reach more than 72 per cent.

Apeal says this places steel “far ahead of other packaging materials such as plastics, beverage cartons and glass” which have rates of 30, 34 and 67 per cent respectively.

Belgium is the European champion of recycling for the ninth consecutive year, with a 98 per cent recycling rate. Germany and the Netherlands follow closely behind, with figures of over 87 per cent.

Hugo Loudon, president of Apeal, said: “Every country in Europe should have the ability to deliver these type of percentages.”

The past year has also seen noticeable increases in recycling rates among other European countries. Among these, Poland has achieved an increase of 20% in the recycling rate of steel packaging, a substantial part of which can be attributed to the introduction of ferromagnetic sorting methods in several waste sorting facilities in 2009.

“Metal packaging should achieve 80 per cent by 2020. Steel should be able to reach this target and help metal packaging going forward,” adds Loudon.

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