Obituary: Charlie Price an industry icon

Robert Gary and his other friends at the Stolle Machinery Company describe Charlie Price as a can “industry icon.”

Charlie sadly passed away recently and here his friends from Stolle pay tribute to him.

We all lost an industry colleague and friend recently but perhaps more significant we lost a presence, the presence of style, grace and leadership.

Charlie was a man with the strongest of convictions. Whether it be family, country or the industry that he loved, he approached each and every day with passion.

There was no pretence and no sugar coating honesty and openness were his calling cards and through a simple conversation or pat on the back you would feel his genuine nature.

He cared, he truly cared, and in the digital world in which we operate today those that care deeply are difficult to come by.

In the business world his annual market updates were always awaited with great anticipation as he took the task of reporting on our industry and its future as the most serious of pursuits and showed us all what was possible in terms of growth.

His efforts were the foundation for what we do today when we ask ourselves “what’s next?”

He knew that what we were all doing was fundamental and important, and if you took him aside in the heat of the commercial battle he could always find time to add perspective.

Thank you Charlie, thank you for everything that you did and the counsel and humour that you offered.

They make very few like you and there is a hole today that will take oh so long to fill.

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2 responses to “Obituary: Charlie Price an industry icon”

  1. Graham Price says:

    i will miss my namesake and as mentioned the more classy,gentlemanly side of our industry. God speed Charlie.

  2. Terry Babbitt says:

    It was an honor to share some time with Charlie in the indistry and learn from such a class person. No one will ever fill the void left when CBP departed. Heaven will be a more interesting place with him.

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