Plastic “can” aims to topple metal packaging

British-based RPC Containers Corby has launched what it calls a “modern plastic alternative” to the can.

Its 380ml Apollo claims to have the look of a can combined with this “easy handling and safety benefits” of plastics, it can also be re-closed.

The company says the Apollo is suitable for a variety of food processes including hot fill, retort and pasteurising.

Its release comes less than a week after an industry expert said Spam’s decision to move to a plastic tub was a major issue for the can makers.

The container comes in a fluted design in the same diameter as a can, with full sleeving and labelling options for branding and on-shelf appeal, it is also stackable like can.

The neck of the Apollo container is specifically designed for the Aptar Bap Trilogy closure, which ensures excellent pack integrity and product freshness.

“We are continuing to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in barrier plastics,” comments RPC Corby’s General Manager Michael Stegeman.

“The foil seal features a plastic ring pull for easy opening and there is an overcap for re-closing, which minimises food waste.

“The lightweight pack is highly resistant to breakage and denting and avoids any sharp edges to provide maximum safety and convenience in the home.

“The Apollo offers all the established benefits of multilayer plastic in a popular container format.

“Just as important are its sustainable advantages of extended product shelf life, reduced food waste and light weight, which underline its relevance in today’s environmentally-aware markets.”

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One response to “Plastic “can” aims to topple metal packaging”

  1. TOM Stewart says:

    Here we go against the trends. Replace metal cans with plastic containers!!!! Plastic is made from petroleum. they do NOT breakdown naturally, not recycled, just more junk to load the already overloaded solid wast dumps. Steel cans are more environmentally friendly. They can be recycled, and many are today, but plastic??? Does not make sense to this old guy(71), but I am retired so, you kids figure it out!!

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