Ex-Navy Seal releases recovery drink

Billed as an alternative to energy drinks the Kill Cliff recovery beverage has been developed by a former Navy Seal.

Originally developed as the Tasty with an orange flavour, following a 4 July online launch there is now Double Awesomeness red flavour available.

Both flavours have only 15 calories, 25mg’s of caffeine, no sugar, are gluten-free and contain natural anti-inflammatory supporting ingredients. Double Awesomeness is naturally sweetened.

Available now at KillCliff.com, Double Awesomeness will reach GNC store shelves later this month where it will be available exclusively at retail in 12oz Rexam sleek cans and in four-packs through the rest of this summer.

“It’s really simple we asked ourselves how can we achieve a greater level of liquid awesomeness in this lovely 12oz sleek can from our friends at Rexam,’” Kill Cliff founder Todd Ehrlich said.

“At the risk of overwhelming our loyal patrons, we all agreed double it, I wouldn’t say it’s twice as nice as the tasty, just ‘different.’”

Kill Cliff’s recovery drink formula is based on the theory that reducing inflammation is an integral part of recovering from strenuous exercise and physical exertion.

Each 12oz can contains a mix of natural, gluten-free recovery-supporting ingredients including enzymes, green tea extract, ginger root, and milk thistle among other functional ingredients.

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