A tribute to Dave Wynn of Stolle

David (Dave) Wynn of Stolle Machinery passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, January 28th at the age of 63. He was well known and respected throughout the can industry. Dave was graduated from Ferris State College with an engineering degree in tooling design and began his professional career in 1972 at E.W. Bliss Packaging Machinery Division in Hastings, Michigan. He went from there to Dayton Reliable Tool (DRT) in Dayton, Ohio and in 1989 he joined Formatec Tooling Systems as Vice President of Engineering. When Formatec (part of Sequa Can Machinery) was acquired by Stolle in 2004, Dave went to Stolle Canton and served as Stolle’s Technical Manager of Metal Forming РCans and Closures.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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