Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India?

Where would you like to see Asia CanTech 2015 take place?

Each year we throw open the polls to our readers to ensure we get the right location. Take part in the decision at

Is India of interest? Or perhaps you see us all heading off to the Philippines? Tell us where you’d like the event to be via our online poll. It matters to us what you think.

***Don’t forget, those attending Euro CanTech 2015 will also receive a 10% discount for Asia CanTech 2015***

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One response to “Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India?”

  1. Evert van de Weg says:

    I believe to have Asia Cantech 2015 in India would be a good choice in view of the very big potential for the can making industry in this country. If India would be the choice, there is a lot of PR work to be done to make this event into perfect promotion for the Metal Packaging profession.

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