CMB launches new spray machine

CMB Engineering is set to launch its new 3200 Reformat Lacquer Spray Machine, the first in its Reformat Range, to meet the evolving demands of the canmaking industry.

This new lacquer machine offers improvements in process control; its control system is adapted to modern IT environments and incorporates smart technology, removing the need for a human-machine interaction. The Servo-driven system is electronically controlled via smart technology, enabling manufacturers to monitor and control several machines from multiple locations throughout the factory.

There is an increasing trend of manufacturers developing new can sizes to meet the demand from brands and consumers alike. Canmakers are more often operating shorter runs, which in turn, increase the amount of changeover times during production. This new, smart technology offers unique functionality to help drive sustainable improvements, as there are no tools required during re-adjustment which targets and limits unscheduled downtime during production.

Andrew Truelove, general manager at CMB Engineering says, “With our distinguished heritage and global footprint we are positioned to catapult canmaking equipment into the 21st century. The new 3200 Reformat Lacquer Spray Machine is just the beginning. We have an unwavering commitment to our customers to respond to their demands and create solutions that make their lives easier, whilst increasing their production efficiency and profitability.”

The machine’s control system leads to reductions in spoilage and improvements in can quality, due to the ability to modulate speed whilst maintaining critical process parameters. More compact, reducing the footprint of the spray bank and offering better access for cleaning, the 3200 Reformat Lacquer Spray Machine aims to offer a practical approach to energy efficiency.

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