PPG industries launches can coatings

PPG industries announces the launch of Nutrishield and Nutrishield Solista, new generation coatings for the food and can industry designed to fulfil can makers and brand owners needs regarding enhanced food contact regulatory requirements.

This new technology is the first BPA-NI high performance solution for the food can industry approved to pack ready meals, soups and infant foods such as milk. The coatings comply with North American and European regulations and are food contact compliant, certified by independent institutes.

Todd White, PPG global segments and marketing director at packaging coatings, says: “Major brand owners already recognise Nurtishield Solista spray coatings as the leading new generation coating solutions, thanks to their enhanced characteristics for flavour neutrality, excellent pack and sulphur resistance, and meat release properties.

“Nurtishield Solista internal sprat coatings are approved for a wide variety of food packs, providing high performance protection against a brand range of foods to meet brand owners evolving requirements.”

The spray coatings are suitable for low to high pH and fatty foods, and also have enhanced flavour neutral properties to help easily affected products pass extensive flavour tests.

Charles Turner, PPG global technical director, packaging coatings, adds: “The patented Nutrishield Solista internal spray coatings technology resulted from intensive research and development that involved extensive testing, pack testing and industrial scale up trials. They are suitable for all two-piece drawn and wall ironed cans sizes, and they can be introduced to food can makers’ lines that use standard equipment without major modifications.”

More than three billion food cans will be coated with the new spray coatings by the end of 2015. The coatings are now available commercially in the US and were launched in Europe over the last year.

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