Ball technology drives demand

Ball’s dynamark effect technology has proven to be an asset to beverage manufacturers across Europe, explains business manager Antti Laakonen. Capable of producing up to 24 different designs in a single production run, positive effects have been noted with regard to the volume of products sold in cans using the solution.

Lankonen says, “In a booming global beverage market, cutting edge, cost effective packaging technologies that help customers enter into new markets are the main growth driver.”

“Dynamark Effect can create matching designs for a wealth of a special occasions such as musical events or sports competitions. This flexibility ultimately strengthens our customers’ market potential, as global brands can address very specific events with dedicated consumer communities.”

The technology keeps production costs low as well as targeting different customers through doing so, as it ensures a cost effective and highly targeted printing process for all sizes of steel and aluminium cans.

“Such promotions will not just be a temporary boost to sales, but a real life test for promising market expansion. Dynamark Effect helps customers to reach that goal by turning products into customised creations – the ultimate key for falling and staying in love with a brand,” Laakonen adds.

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