Tom Giddings


DRS could revolutionise recycling, says Alupro

With 2026 now proposed as the earliest likely alternative for the implementation of the UK’s deposit return scheme, frustrations continue to build across the supply chain, however, Alupro is suggesting everyone ‘can the negativity’ and look to the positives.

Spraying sustainably

With CanTech International’s May 2023 edition going to press, as well as a visit for me to Leeds for the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association’s Innovation Day, this week has been a busy one.

Educating ourselves & others for Global Recycling Day

By now, the world’s clued up to the pollution caused by companies and the general public not recycling properly. However, as the metal packaging industry reiterates again and again, more communication is needed to really drive the message home and ensure we’re acting on this issue in the most effective way.

CanTech International