UK haulage crisis and Irn-Bru

Many canned drinks producers will be affected by the current haulage crisis in the UK. Scottish company AG Barr, makers of Scotland’s “other national drink” – Irn-Bru – has revealed that it is struggling to make deliveries of the fizzy drink due to HGV and supply chain issues.

Brassed off

Scottish brewing company, BrewDog, has attracted some negative attention recently surrounding a “solid gold” beer can competition it ran for individuals to win one of ten of its “solid gold” beer cans, claimed to be worth £15,000 each.

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Scotland the brave (or foolish)

In a period where everything revolves around discussing the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s easy to take our eye off the ball on other matters. One issue that goes under the radar is the upcoming vote on regulation in Scotland to do with the introduction of a national deposit return scheme (DRS).


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