Second sustainability report from Crown

Crown Holdings has announced the release of their second Sustainability Report, which was structured using the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G3 Guidelines at Application Level C. It focuses on developments in the company’s sustainability efforts from an economic, environmental and social perspective since its inaugural publication was issued in November 2011. Looking at fiscal years […]


Rexam celebrates fourth line at Ludesch plant

Rexam, Europe’s largest beverage can manufacturer, is celebrating the official opening of the fourth production line at its Ludesch plant in Austria. The new line adds an additional 0.7 billion can capacity to the plant’s annual production, following a £20million investment by Rexam.   The plant, which opened in 2007, is a wall-to-wall facility next […]

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Aluminium industry hit by EU regulatory costs

Cost pressure of EU policies and regulations has put the European aluminium industry at a competitive disadvantage to its global rivals. This is the key finding of a study undertaken for the European Commission in the framework of its Fitness Check on the aluminium sector. The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) has performed an […]

Can remains most recycled beverage container

Industry recycling of aluminium beverage containers in the United States continued its decade-long upward trend in 2012 with a rate of 67%, according to data released by the Aluminum Association, Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) and Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). This is the highest recycling rate since the early 1990s and the second highest […]

Novelis reaches sustainability milestones

Aluminium rolling and recycling specialist Novelis has announced significant progress in its commitment toward reducing its carbon footprint and delivering on key measures of sustainable business performance. Sustainability Through Disruptive Innovation, the company’s third annual sustainability report, details recent milestones including an increase in the recycled content of its products from 33% to 43% in […]


EAA reinforces its recycling dimension

The European Aluminium Association (EAA) has announced the appointment of Magdalena Garczynska as the director of its new recycling department. This new position will strengthen the expertise of EAA on an industry segment that is a cornerstone of the aluminium industry’s sustainability. “The appointment of Magdalena comes at a crucial time as the EU starts […]


South Africa converts to aluminium cans

Between 100-200 million South African Rand (£6.1m-£12.2m) a year will flow into the scrap metals and recycling industry as a result of the conversion from tin-plated steel cans to aluminium cans, providing an additional 2,000-3,000 people a source of income from collecting and selling used cans, estimates South Africa’s sole beverage can manufacturer Nampak Bevcan. […]

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Sonoco reveals environmental progress

Biomass cogeneration is a key part of the global packaging giant Sonoco’s sustainability drive. The company, last week, outlined its progress against voluntary framework of principles and indicators that Sonoco uses to measure and report economic, environmental and social performance. A key initiative for Sonoco continues to be the development of a new US $75 […]

Novelis Korea hosts first recycling camp

Novelis has announced its first recycling education program in South Korea for junior school children. The camp is running from the 24 July to 26 July in Andong, North Kyongsang Province, near the company’s Yeongju plant. Through this program Novelis aims to extend its sustainable business philosophy to local communities and to raise awareness of […]

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