A look ahead…

It’s very much back to business for the team as we plan ahead for the next instalment of Asia CanTech 2016.

Having already secured the services of Kian Joo to present as a keynote speaker, we are delighted to announce that Simone Vooijs, technical director for downstream operations at Tata Steel, will also be joining us as a keynote. The event is shaping up nicely and as always, please get in touch with Megan Freeman for any queries.

There will be a couple of others announcements shortly so please keep an eye on www.cantechonline.com.

I hate to say that my crystal ball proved to be accurate when predicting a draw in the England versus Russia football match this weekend. As I gaze into the future, I think we’ll draw against Wales and end up needing to beat Slovakia next week. Pessimist or realist? Probably a healthy mixture of both.

It was sad to see the football violence taking place inside and outside the stadium for a number of fixtures at Euro 2016. Seeing chairs and bottles getting thrown at rival supporters seems totally needless. It does however pose the question – why aren’t aluminium cans being sold instead? Far more environmentally and hooligan friendly!  Perhaps some of the marketeers amongst us can see a business opportunity here…

I’m looking at conducting a couple of can maker site visits soon. If you would be interested in accommodating the CanTech team, please do get in touch as I continue my education in this wonderful industry.

Enjoy your week.


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