Football without cans is nothing

One of the aspects of my job I particularly enjoy is finding quirky stories to do with metal packaging and the public’s love for cans. This week I stumbled upon an interesting story to do with a flag from some football supporters in the UK, or soccer for those of you reading from the other side of the pond.

As the image above this story illustrates, supporters of FC United of Manchester recently chose to illustrate their love for both football and canned beer with this nice flag implying that ‘football without cans is nothing’.

For those of you not fully aware of the phenomenon that is FC United of Manchester, the club was founded in 2005 by Manchester United supporters disillusioned and disenfranchised by both the club and modern football in general. FC United have subsequently risen from a Sunday League side to National League North status, a couple of tiers below the overall football league structure in the UK. My understanding is that the flag is intended to be a small jibe at the media for only portraying football fans in a negative light when it comes to excessive drinking and misbehaviour, but also a lighthearted reference to the fact that they love both football and beer.

Although a small story in the grand scheme of things to what we usually cover, this story is generally in line with the increasing popularity and fashionable nature of the modern day can. Perhaps there’s scope for a campaign within the metal packaging world entitled ‘life without cans is nothing’. I for one would be happy to fly the flag to the cause…

Meanwhile, our Supplier Profile issue is coming along nicely. Our deadline for submissions has expired, but there are still a couple of opportunities if you’re quick. Please speak to Mark Neilson for more.

We can also welcome Robert Gary, chief commercial officer at Stolle Machinery Company, to the panel at this year’s Asia CanTech’s Candid Forum panel. We look forward to Robert’s involvement with the show.

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