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With Asia CanTech now less than three weeks away, it is very much all systems go for the event, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand.

We can now add our next member of our Candid Forum panel, with Bruce Jones of Aujan Group from the UAE completing our group of experts. With the Aujan Group experts on the packaging sector within the Middle East and Africa, we look forward to drawing upon his immense experience within the sector.

For those of you who have any questions for our panellists, our deadline for submissions is this Friday. There will of course be opportunities to ask questions within the session, but to guarantee a question being asked, it’s important to send us this prior.

There was a nice little story within the UK press recently, where a can of soup and a can of sweetcorn first sold 46 years ago, have been donated to a food bank!

As we all know, the irony of the story is that the food would probably still be fine to consume, but the fact that the cans should probably be in a museum rather than a food bank is rather amusing! It just shows how the good old metal package is built to last!

Our media pack has now been released for next year – please get in touch with Mark Neilson for more.

Enjoy your week.

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