A crafty beer

Craft brewers throughout the US continue to choose cans as their package of choice.

One of the reasons given is because of the sustainability benefits offered by metal packaging.

While I am definitely an advocate of these environmental credentials I don’t necessarily think this is the top reason why brewers are choosing aluminium cans.

Of course it is definitely a plus point, but cans also offer brewers the opportunity to really sell the product inside them. Maybe I’m biased, but when I’m in the supermarket searching for a beer to buy, glass bottles rarely catch my eye. I mean how can a small label really compare to some of the amazing graphics you see on cans these days? Take a quick look around this website and you will see many examples of the types of graphics that I’m talking about. At the end of the day brewers want to give their beer the best chance of being purchased at the point of sale. Cans offer them that.

Read more about the evolution of craft beer in the March issue of CanTech International.

What are your views on this? Do you think cans will continue to gain an increasing share of the packaging mix in this area?


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