Crimea River

The can making industry in Ukraine has been in a state of crisis due to economic and political instability in the region. However, as the economy shows signs of recovery, cannery manufacturers are hoping to see an end to this harsh period. CanTech International’s new Eastern European correspondent, Vladislav Vorotnikov, investigates.

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Crown wins gold at Starpack awards

Crown Aerosols and Speciality Packaging Europe is celebrating a number of successes in the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) Starpack Awards 2014. At the awards ceremony, which took place in London, UK, the team was honored with gold, silver and bronze across multiple categories for its work with some of Europe’s beverage and […]

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Expect the unexpected

Technical Management in the Aerosol sector does not necessarily spring to mind to female science graduates, not least of all because there is little information about the great career opportunities through the usual graduate and recruitment consultancies.

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Non-alcoholic cocktail cans released

Following the launch of its non-alcoholic cocktail range Feel Good Drinks has now brought out a can. The UK-based company says the 250ml cans will be released soon in Britain and are designed to sit on the mixer shelf in supermarket aisles. A new flavour strawberry daiquiri joins the current line up of mojito and […]

Unite calls for brewery boycott

A union is calling for a boycott of a brewer and canner after it made workers redundant. The union Unite is calling for the boycott of Cains-branded beers to support workers at Liverpool’s historic brewery in their redundancy fight. Oversees competition is being blamed for the closure of a supermarket own label and canning operation. […]

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Cans of corned beef contained horsemeat

Supermarket chain ASDA has revealed it pulled two canned meat products from the shelves after they were found to be contaminated with horsemeat. Since the scandal of horsemeat substituted for beef broke in January this year a number of frozen ready meals have been pulled from supermarket shelves. However, ASDA has now said ‘above trace […]


Red Bull reveals can contamination threat

Red Bull has revealed a blackmailer is attempting to extort money by threatening to contaminate cans of its energy drink. The blackmailer is allegedly threatening to place cans of the drink contaminated with faeces on supermarket shelves in Austria. According to a statement by Red Bull the company decided to go public about the plot […]


A crafty beer

Craft brewers throughout the US continue to choose cans as their package of choice. One of the reasons given is because of the sustainability benefits offered by metal packaging. While I am definitely an advocate of these environmental credentials I don’t necessarily think this is the top reason why brewers are choosing aluminium cans. Of […]

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Back on track

The latest statistics from BCME (Beverage Can Makers Europe) show that despite tough economic conditions last year, there was strong growth in the beverage can market in Europe. In 2010, the European beverage can market hit 54.1 billion cans, up 5.2 per cent from 2009. The UK market fared particuarly well and reached an important milestone in 2010, passing the nine billion can mark, up seven per cent on 2009.

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