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It is always good to receive stories that are a bit quirky, that tell a local story or showcase the efforts of a small business. 

One such product story that will be covered in the next issue of CanTech International is how the last remaining can maker in London, William Say & Co, cost-effectively produced a short run of 100 Christmas gift cans (pictured above) for its customers using new digital printing technology; by embracing these new technologies, it is continuing to thrive as a business.  

I also enjoyed reading about how the increase in household pets is creating a rapidly growing demand for pet food. The tin can is one of the most widely used packaging materials for wet pet food because it offers several advantages due to the way the contents are filled and preserved; so can makers will increasingly be able to reap the rewards of this growing market. More on that in a future issue of the magazine.

Meanwhile, Alupro has has rolled out its MetalMatters campaign – encouraging householders to recycle their cans  –  to another UK local council.

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