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I previously blogged about BrewDog’s Gold Can promotion after one of the winners questioned the true value of the cans and subsequently asked the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to look into whether rules had been broken.

The ASA has upheld the complaint against the brewer for describing the prize as a solid gold can, when in fact it was gold plated. BrewDog admits that it got it wrong, but explains that the term solid gold appeared in two tweets (out of more than 50), one in November last year and one in February this year.

Now BrewDog has responded to the ASA ruling on the Gold Can promotion by launching another… This time up for grabs are £25,000 diamond encrusted gold plated cans.

Given the mix up, it has decided to run the new gold can promotion in which it says it is going to up the stakes and claims is more compliant with the ASA committee on advertising rules.

This new promotion gives people the chance to win one of ten diamond encrusted gold plated cans. The brewer is also donating £5,000 to the charity of each winner’s choice. Each day, from 20 October, one winner will be selected at random from customers who order beer from brewdog.com until all ten prizes have been claimed.

BrewDog says winners will have the option of claiming a diamond encrusted gold plated can worth £25,000, or they can take £25,000 in cash if they prefer. Three independent experts will value the cans and a value certificate will be provided.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: ‘‘We hold our hands up, we got the first gold can campaign wrong. Whilst we still stand by the valuation, we made mistakes which we’ve learnt from. And now we want to give ten lucky people the chance to win big – way, way bigger than before. It’ll be a short campaign over ten days, and we’ll contact a new winner each day to let them know they’ve won.”

On another note, our CanTech The Grand Tour show will take place from 14-16 March 2022 in Warsaw, Poland.

The event is the global technical conference and exhibition for can makers, fillers and their suppliers.

You can register here for the event now: https://www.cantechthegrandtour.com/register/registrations/start?lasturl=https://www.cantechthegrandtour.com


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