Marketing matters

I’ve been thinking about marketing and how well, or sometimes badly, the metal packaging industry promotes itself.

The sustainability message is starting to get across as can recycling rates continue to rise. However, a quick search on Google shows that more can be done. Searching ‘sustainability cans’ returns 1,930,000 results while ‘sustainability glass’ returns a staggering 12,700,000 results. That’s a massive difference. Cans have been around the longest and are the most recycled beverage container in the world. They should be at the top of any search result.

I appreciate the fact that some companies have bigger marketing budgets than others, but with a bit of imagination, great results can be achieved. A good example of a company that has achieved global coverage is Indian can maker Hindustan Tin Works. The company’s Canvironment Week campaign has grown steadily over the years. Senior vice president Atit Bhatia has helped spread the campaign’s key messages through word of mouth and by getting others on board. Two key elements that are central to the success of any marketing campaign.

I also think there is a need for more consumer-focused campaigns. The can is a great package that can be taken anywhere. Cans should be seen as cool amongst consumers, particularly the younger generation. South African based Nampak Bevcan should be applauded for its efforts in this area. Visit to see what the company has been up to.

Improving consumer perception is key because it helps to drive sales, which leads to improved profits for everyone involved in the process.

When it comes to marketing my message to can makers, suppliers and brand owners is ‘Think big and the possibilities are endless’.

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