Passionate about cans

Aluminium cans background

Earlier in the year I used a previous blog entry to talk about how important it is for younger talent to come through in the metal packaging industry.
There is an ageing workforce and as more specialists reach retirement age, knowledge is going to be lost.
For some, can making might not seem like the most glamorous job in the world, but having now spent some time in the industry, one thing that can’t be denied is the passion for cans held by those who work with them.
CMB Engineering is doing its best to ensure that this passion is passed on to future generations by offering an apprenticeship programme.
This scheme centres around a four-year programme of either electrical or mechanical engineering and includes time spent in formal study at college and practical experience working alongside the company’s professional engineering team. Andrew Truelove started as an apprentice at CMB and has worked his way up to plant manager. He talks about why investing in the future is important in the November issue of CanTech International.
Nowhere was passion for the industry more evident than at Asia CanTech 2012. This year’s event took place in Bangkok, Thailand. You can read a review of the event in the latest issue.

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