Having a Ball

I’ve just had the pleasure of being shown around Ball Packaging Europe’s Rugby plant.

As a journalist I’m often going to see places and, well, sometimes its amazing and other times you wonder why they wanted you to come at all.

But the management team at Rugby led by plant manager Paul and assistant Mark were really helpful.

I was at the site to see the strides made by the company, especially in UK, in reducing its carbon footprint.

Ball has come up with some clever ideas and I was very impressed with them and the staff’s dedication to making them work.

The feature covering what I saw during the visit is due to be published in the September issue of CanTech International.

The Rugby visit was the start of a busy few weeks for me as I’m now off to see an ends plant in China and an equipment manufacturer in Italy all in a matter of days.

All the details of these visits will also be in the September issue.

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