Imeta Srl achieves certification

After two years of supervisions and inspections, Imeta Srl has achieved the full AEO certification with full rights.

The customs authority which previously accredited Imeta Srl with a first certification of ‘Approved Exporter’, therefore guaranteeing the ‘made in Italy’ and the ‘goods origin’, further ascertained the observance of all the norms of reference, the internal procedures, the security of the goods and data informatics system, the business economical solidity, as well as its capacity of inspection and organisation; wherefore it didn’t hesitate to accredit Imeta, being among the leading companies in this field, with the aforementioned certification.

Thanks to this Certification which decreases the goods inspections during Customs procedures, Imeta can offer shorter crossing times for direct deliveries to the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Norway and China.

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