Dow presents sustainable coatings for food and drink cans

Metallic can with sweet corn

Dow Coating Materials has introduced a durable alternative to traditional, epoxy-based can coatings with Canvera Polyolefin Dispersions. The product recently won the 2017 Bronze Edison Award for Packaging, in addition to three awards in 2016, including ‘Best Product Innovation 2016’ in the ICIS Innovation Awards.

Canvera Polyolefin Dispersions is a water-based, spray applied replacement for epoxy coating systems that eliminates bisphenol A (BPA) and other materials of concern to brand owners and consumers. The thermoplastic film coating comprises a mix of speciality polyolefin polymers in an aqueous dispersion and can be applied to the inside of food and beverage cans to protect the contents from the can and the can from the contents.

Manufactured without the use of materials such as styrene, epoxides and phenolic cross-linkers, Canvera Polyolefin Dispersions can be sprayed directly on to metal surfaces using the same equipment as current epoxy coatings.

Jan Weernink, global marketing director from Dow Coating Materials, said: “Materials, such as epoxy and bisphenol A (BPA), have come under increasing regulatory pressure across the globe in recent years, following health concerns. This has created a growing need for a safe and durable alternative for metal food and drink cans.

“Our award-winning Canera Technology offers a next generation approach to sustainable coatings that protect the contents of food and drink cans. It is an ideal option for progressive brand owners and retailers looking for exceptional food safety profiles from the packaging systems they use.”

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