Crown announces new capping solutions package

Crown Food Europe has introduced a service package for food manufacturers. The package includes the sale of its capping technology, ancillary components and technical support for the machine’s service life.

The package, which replaces the company’s previous model of leasing equipment, enables brand owners to benefit from a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) since they own their systems outright and gives them access to aftercare by Crown’s technicians, helping minimise unnecessary maintenance and downtime.

Crown’s experts also provide upfront support by recommending specifications for the closures to be capped by the machine, helping to reduce the risk of poor quality cap seals or breakages, decreasing waste. They can also advise on the positioning and layout of new production lines to optimise line efficiency.

Three of Crown’s capping solutions are available for sale as part of this package:

  • The Smart Capper is tailored to lower-speed production lines, providing a throughput rate of up to 150 caps per minute, making it ideal for smaller food producers or lines with limited product runs.
  • With a throughput rate of 300 caps per minute, the Euro Capper has been designed for medium-speed production lines, making it suitable for mid-sized manufacturers.
  • For large volume producers, the Global Capper can operate at high speeds, with a throughput of up to 800 caps per minute.

According to the company, all three systems are compatible with Crown’s closures portfolio, including the company’s Orbit Closure. Each system features stainless steel construction and hygienic design. They enable quick cap changeovers between product runs and offer easy access to replace components, minimising downtime. Crown can also customise the machines to fit into smaller footprints or to suit manufacturers’ individual production line needs.

Finland-based food producer, Herkkumaa Oy, recently invested in a new Crown capping system. Speaking about the purchase, Atte Rekola, managing director, explained: “When looking for new machinery to cap our jams, marmalades and vegetable conserves, we explored a number of options before making a decision. We own the rest of the equipment on our line, so it was important for us to purchase rather than lease our capping systems.

“Crown’s capping technology was, by a large margin, the most suited to our specific needs. Since it was installed earlier this year, the system has performed exactly as we hoped – the quality of the caps is top-notch. We are very happy with all things Crown: the delivery and installation of the machine, the after-sales support, and the performance of the machine.”

Laetitia Durafour, senior marketing & communication manager, Crown Food Europe concluded: “To best serve our customers, we provide machines and solutions which can be easily adapted to suit any scale or manufacturing strategy. Production lines must be equipped to face changes in market demand; therefore, working in partnership with technology experts who offer complete aftercare service with the purchase of new equipment is an asset for manufacturers.

“Their up-front investments will be offset by the highest standards of performance throughout the lifetime of their technology.”

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