New Sencon shell and end gauges offer fastest speeds on market

At this year’s Cannex, Sencon will launch two new non-contact gauges for shell and progression measurement of beverage and food ends that exceed the limitations of other automatic end gauges.

According to Sencon, the gauges provide the fastest measurement and throughput times for shells on the market. This includes automatic grain alignment of the shell, without incurring a time penalty. The progression gauge also sets new standards for speed and repeatability.

Both gauges feature Sencon’s dual-laser Virtual Sectioning, which scans above and below the shell or end to produce cross sectional profiles of shell formation or progression features including material thickness. Using this non-contact technology means that there is no operator influence on the results, greatly improving measurement repeatability.

Both gauges accept multiple product diameters (46 mm to 93 mm / 113 to 307) without needing to change parts or make an adjustment. All current shell and end types are handled, including black, coloured and decorated shells/ends.

Both gauging applications can be combined inside the same cabinet. As the gauges are built on a common hardware platform, this can be done as a software upgrade at any time, or a dual gauge option can be specified at purchase. This not only saves space on the laboratory floor, but costs less then investing in two standalone gauges.

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