SLAC introduces new optimised end

SLAC Group has introduced its Optimised End for 200 and 202 beverage cans. The new End doesn’t charge royalties for every end made, giving can makers more flexibility.

Chief operating officer and chief marketing officer at SLAC Group, Chris McKenzie, said: “When we did our market research, one of the biggest frustrations customers had was the fact they were locked into contracts for end production.

“They want to be free from contracts where possible; can makers like to control their markets; they don’t like to be controlled by their markets. With our new Optimised End, we make things simple, without the frustrations of royalties, and being tied into long contracts.”

With no set-up costs, the SLAC Optimised End delivers costs savings of over 12% (200 Ends) and 10% (202 Ends), and can be retrofit onto existing systems.

The SLAC Optimised End is the brainchild of SLAC Group’s R&D department in Suzhou, China, where a team of engineers has been dedicated to exploring product innovation.

Technical specifications for SLAC Optimised End (SOE200 & SOE2020)

  • Thickness – SOE200: 0.208mm, SOE202: 0.208mm
  • Average cut edge – SOE200: 67.63mm, SOE202: 69.84mm
  • Weight – SOE200: 2.02g, SOE202: 2.15g
  • Saving potential – SOE200: 12.55%, SOE202: 10.79%
  • Buckle pressure: SOE200: >720kpa, SOE202: >720kpa

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