Finpac Italia offers shrink sleeve solutions

As the can beverage market continues to boom, Finpac Italia has become a prominent supplier of sleeved can solutions, providing services on products from beer to juices, sparkling wine and energy drinks.

Finpac Italia has more than 400 shrink sleeve installations running around the world from Australia to Argentina, operating from 6.000 to 72.000 cans/h. Finpac’s latest can sleeving line (pictured below) was recently supplied to a leading bottler in the Far-East and consists of a line based on 5 different can formats, running at 30.000 bph.

In terms of different can volumes, Finpac is able to cover slim, sleek, small or standard, from 222 ml to 500 ml or more, with diameters from 200 to 211 mm and height from 92 to 168 mm.

The primary advantage of a shrink sleeve labeled can over a Pressure Sensitive labelled can, says Finpac, is its ability for decoration. PS Labeled cans have a limited print area, which exposes the undecorated portions of the aluminium can, whereas shrink sleeve labels allow for 360 degree coverage, which Finpac says portrays a more professional look and provides more space for graphics and branding opportunities. Finpac’s shrink sleeves are also considered more eco-friendly due to their perforation options.

Finpac offers short lead times which ensure their customers are able to get their products on the shelves quicker. The company is able to utilise offset, gravure, UV flexo, solvent flexo and digital printing technologies and offers effects ranging from glittered to mirroring, UV and luminescent.

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