Foil suppliers join Alupro

The UK’s three major household foil suppliers have joined the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro).

They are also supporting the metal packaging recycling programme MetalMatters.

BacoFoil brand owner Wrap Film Systems, along with Netherlands-based foil and film supplier ITS and retail and catering foil supplier Wrapex are working with Alupro and MetalMatters to help customers and users to recycle as much valuable aluminium foil as possible. Although household foil does not have an obligation under the packaging regulations the sector takes its producer responsibility seriously and is keen to promote the recyclability of the product, both to customers and consumers.

Aluminium household foil can be recycled easily alongside food and drink cans and foil containers, and increasingly all of these materials are being collected together in local authority kerbside recycling programmes.

Alupro executive director Rick Hindley said: “The environmental and financial benefits of recycling aluminium are well understood. Increasingly major industry players and brand owners see how Alupro membership, and supporting its industry-backed programmes like MetalMatters, can help them to ensure that more of the valuable aluminium found in items like cans, trays and foil is recycled while demonstrating the benefits to customers and end users.”

Developed and funded by the metal packaging manufacturing industry, reprocessors and fillers, MetalMatters helps local authorities and their waste collection partners to promote household metal packaging recycling, and thereby increase the amount of metal packaging recycled in the home. Supported by WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme), it is managed on behalf of its funding partners by Alupro.

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