SunnyD ventures into the hard seltzer category

SunnyD, an American juice brand, has launched its SunnyD Vodka Seltzer. SunnyD Vodka Seltzer is rolling out nationwide and will be featured at select Walmart stores beginning Saturday 11 March 2023. The orange flavour hard seltzers will come in a four-pack with a suggested retail price of $9.99.

The brand was first developed in 1963 by two Florida dads and in the 1990’s, SunnyD enjoyed a particular wave of popularity and landed a dedicated fan base. With the acquisition of the brand by Harvest Hill Beverage Company in 2017, SunnyD has enjoyed renewed popularity, with 30%+ growth since 2019.

Ilene Bergenfeld, chief marketing officer, Harvest Hill Beverage Company, commented: “Consumers are passionate about this iconic brand, rooted in nostalgia but with a taste that resonates today. Many have told us that they enjoy SunnyD as a mixer and asked for this product. So, we looked at the hard seltzer category, and thought, good, but we can do better. And SunnyD Vodka Seltzer was born.”

SunnyD held a blind taste test to try its new Vodka Seltzer:

  • 57% said it’s better than the hard seltzers they usually drink. “Great colour, texture, and aroma. Great aftertaste, very refreshing and easy to drink.”
  • 85% said it tastes unique and 87% said this is different from other hard seltzers. “The orange taste was strong in an amazing way, full of flavour.”
  • 72% agree that this is different than other products currently on the market.

“SunnyD Vodka Seltzer is meant to be enjoyed with friends, when it’s time to connect and chill out,” added Bergenfeld.

Available in a 4-PK of 12oz Slim Cans, each can brings a bold orange flavour and is 4.5% ABV, 95 calories and made with real fruit juice, with zero grams of sugar. Single 12oz cans are also available to purchase.

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