Influencer Krista Horton launches Horton RTD canned cocktails

Image: Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails, a line of coconut rum-based canned cocktails from influential content creator, Krista Horton, and husband, Bryce Horton, has hit shelves across the US. Made with real distilled rum from Florida Caribbean Distillers (FCD) – the largest rum producer in the continental US – and coconut, the bright line includes Diet Kola, Pineapple Soda and Lime Soda flavours.

Krista Horton gained a following by giving them an unfiltered look into her life, building a dedicated community who looked to her for friendship and fun. Though she has collaborated with several popular brands, Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails is Krista’s first self-owned project and is a portable new spin on her favourite cocktail combo: coconut rum and diet cola.

“As a longtime-lover of the coconut rum and diet cola pairing, it was a dream to create a ready-to-drink cocktail for people to enjoy without the hassle of mixing a drink,” said Krista Horton, founder. “When anyone sips on a Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails canned cocktail, they are choosing to have more fun and create flavor-filled memories with their favorite people – cheers!”

The Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails 12-Can Party Pack features four 12oz cans of each expression and is currently available on and through select retailers for a suggested price of $43.99.

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