Torus showcases aerosol inspection gauge

Image: Torus

Torus Measurement Systems, a company specialising in the development and manufacturing of quality and process control inspection systems for the metal packaging industry, is showcasing the aerosol inspection solutions used extensively within the aerosol packaging industry for Dimensional and Destructive Testing under production conditions. 

The Torus Z702 Automatic Finished Aerosol Can Inspection Gauge has been developed to inspect a full range of critical dimensions to suit any type of aerosol manufacturing process, including monobloc and two- and three-piece production.

Image: Torus

Unlike other vision-based technologies, a collimated light source combined with a high-resolution camera and sensitive lens generate a high-resolution image of the aerosol centreline, from which precise external form data is collected using Torus’ GaugeXplorer software. Enabling Features such as Body Diameters, Heights, Pitches, Depths, Intersections and Angles to be measured to a high level of accuracy +/- 0.030 mm.

The proven contact measurement technology used is using the latest state of the art high accuracy transducers to achieve Internal Diameters, Overall Heights, Inner Bead Diameters, Internal Clinch (Contact) Height and Bead Flatness/parallelism features also to a high level of accuracy +/- 0.030 mm.

All inspection features are available in multiple rotational positions via the operator allowing for radial measurement positions to be specific to customer requirements.

The Z702 brings multiple benefits, according to Torus, including:

  • Accurate, reliable, and traceable measurement 24/7;
  • Fast cycle times;
  • No operator influence on measurement results;
  • Labour hours increasing due to system automation;
  • Improving compliance and increasing your ability to scale;
  • Removing operator bias, offering complete confidence in process control.

With the Torus Modular concept to cater for future upgrades, adding additional inspection modules for features such as can weight, axial load (column strength) is free from headaches and can be added at any point via Torus’ upgrade pathway.

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