Interactive cans from Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola 25cl can

Ball Packaging Europe and Coca-Cola have joined forces in an effort to carve out a place for the beverage can as a versatile accessory for young people in Germany.

The 25cl sleek cans create a mobile link between music and refreshment.

Cans printed with a QR code enable direct access through a smart phone to the Coke Music Portal.

Two new design motifs on the new 25cl Coca-Cola sleek can promote Coke Sound Up, a campaign launched by Coca-Cola in spring 2011.

In cooperation with participating bands like Mando Diao, Coca-Cola plans exclusive once-only music shows in German cities where the details stay secret until the last minute. Drum and earphone designs deliver an immediate visual link-up to the musical experience. Consumers can use the QR code printed on the cans to link directly to the Coke Music Portal. Simply scanning the code with the mobile phone’s camera takes the phone browser straight there.

“Following on from a print advertising campaign that Ball has just rolled out in Germany, where smart phones pointed at the ad play a video clip, this time the beverage can itself becomes a medium for connecting with young consumers through a new communication channel,” says Gerlof Toenhake, head of marketing at Ball Packaging.

Coca-Cola successfully launched the new 25cl beverage cans on the market last year, partly with sampling campaigns. Coca-Cola Zero, Mezzo Mix Orange and Fanta Orange also hit the shelves in 25cl cans at the start of 2011. Coca-Cola’s sales figures for the past year show how the sleek can fills a gap in the market. Instead of denting sales of 0.5 litre PET bottles and 33cl cans, they added to the total sales volume.

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