Rexam suppliers continue to invest in wine in cans

Wine in cans

Rexam Beverage Can Europe has worked with one of its filling partners, DIS, to install new equipment that will allow the company to fill wine in cans.

This installation will allow a smoother and more precise filling technique, and will ensure that cans filled with wine under the Wild Pelican brand, are 100% perfect when landing on the retailers’ shelves for consumers’ enjoyment.

DIS installed the equipment at the end of 2010, and with testing complete, the system is now fully functional and able to fill a wide range of cans including slim 200ml and 250ml, as well as Rexam’s 335ml sleek cans. Installing the new machinery allows DIS to undertake a number of filling stages to ensure a perfect product is canned, such as filtering the wine during unloading, measuring and maintaining the mineral and oxygen levels within the wine and preserving the product before final filling.

The decision to invest in the new equipment was a simple one for DIS. Marco Geurten, chief executive at DIS, said: “We see big opportunities in the market for wine in cans, particularly amongst the younger consumers, and we believe that our investments will allow the best level of filling quality and will ensure that the finest quality wines reach the end consumer. It has been a pleasure working with Rexam and Wild Pelican to bring new innovations to the wine market.”

Rexam’s latest consumer research, conducted in April this year with 1000 people aged 18-34, certainly supports these views: 58% of those surveyed felt that wine in a can was appealing, 55% liked the idea of wine chilling better in a can and 62% said that it was a convenient format. Fifty five per cent of the survey agreed wine in a can was a great idea for picnics and out of home drinking.

Wild Pelican, who are working with Rexam and DIS to continue to provide their wine in cans, will be filling their full range with DIS, which includes wines from France, Spain, Italy, Hungary and South Africa. The slim cans, which feature Rexam’s matt varnish, will be available across Europe, China and on-board a number of airlines.

Matthijs Jansen, sales director for Benelux and France at Rexam Beverage Can, added: “It has been great working with two business partners who are open minded and enthusiastic about innovations within the wine industry. Working as a team we can provide the wine consumer with a great packaging alternative which not only is convenient, but is fresh and exciting and suits their lifestyle needs.”

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