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March 2012

Articles in this issue include a look at the reasons why more craft brewers in the US are switching to aluminium cans, a technical article that looks at the maintenance of ovens and a look at sustainability issues. There are also reports on handling and conveying, seaming and the US. Regulars including Candid, Knight’s Knowledge and Clarke’s can corner are also included.

December 2011/January 2012

Articles in this issue include a look at Rexam’s range of beverage cans and the markets they serve, Stephen Clarke’s latest technical article in which he discusses beverage end manufacturing, reports on Brazil, plus regulars including Candid and Knight’s Knowledge.

Ball opens new production line in Serbia

Ball Packaging Europe has officially opened a new production line at its plant in the Belgrade district of Zemun, Serbia. The can maker says it will contribute significantly to the growth of Serbian foreign trade and economic development, with a doubling of can production fully designated for export.