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We have some more exciting news with regards to the upcoming Euro CanTech. As well as key European figures, Euro CanTech’s inaugural ‘Candid Forum’ can also boast of representation from the Asian market with Hindustan Tin Works’, Atit Bhatia, the latest high profile figure to give his support to the event and act as a participant.

Just to give you some background, Bhatia is a senior vice president at Hindustan Tin Works and is also the president of Canvironment Week, a global movement initiated and promoted by Hindustan Tin Works to promote sustainability and recycling of metal cans through a global campaign. Previously, Bhatia launched the Rexam Can School in India and had an involvement with the launch of the two-piece beverage can market in India.

Not only this, our Candid Forum will also see the involvement of Tarik Boukhris, operations director of Can-Pack Morocco. With this calibre of participant, it promises to be an interesting and revealing discussion. I can’t reveal too much at present, but there will be opportunity to discuss the Circular Economy, mergers and much more – I’m sure there will be plenty of lively debate! Please get in touch with me if there are any topics you would like to see debated.

I’m off to recharge the batteries, so see you next week where no doubt I’ll be bemoaning the fact that I’ve overindulged and needing another holiday to get over this one!

See you next week for my views on wine in a can and the latest packaging trends.

Until next time…

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