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This month’s Can Man is an interesting read, in light of the shocking scenes we have witnessed due to Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding.

Our resident columnist observed how the only positive to come out of the situation has been the way the beverage, and specifically the canning industry, have responded to the devastation caused. On social media, companies like Miller Coors, Anheuser-Busch and the Can’d Aid Foundation have been able to respond with canned water supplies.

There has been some decent coverage on social media, including a few tweets highlighting the efforts. See below for a taste:


Next up, canning another 131,400 cans for #HurricaneHarvery relief w/ @oskarblues @CoyoteLogistics @CHEP @BallCorpHQ 


From the blog: We’re sending 50,000 cans of clean water to Texas to help in #HurricaneHarvey recovery efforts.

With Hurricane Irma having just hit the Caribbean too, there could be more help needed in the short term. Our hopes and prayers go out to those affected.

Our Supplier Profile issue has now gone to press! For those of you who fancy a sneak peak, click here.

For our US readers, I hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend.

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