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It seems last week’s blog instigated a bit of a political storm, after we enquired as to the status of the IMDA golf day, due to a lack of information on the IMDA website. Well we can happily announce that the golf day is indeed going ahead as normal.

You can read more about the annual fundraising event here. 

Elsewhere, we have a cracking feature in our March issue, where editorial board member Simon Jennings examines how the metal packaging industry can benefit from the rising concern about plastics, and the need to have clarity and thoughtfulness to the approach. To whet the appetite, here’s a thought-provoking extract:

I also am painfully aware that in their haste, decisions have been by politicians, brand owners and retailers which have had unforeseen (or from my position, totally foreseeable) and adverse consequences. A prime example of this was the virtual obliteration in 2003 of the domestic German beverage can market with the introduction of deposit legislation, which I recall came about as a consequence of a political compromise. Another issue recently which is affecting the industry is our use of plastic coatings containing BPA, where consumer activists have created the perception of a problem and politicians have reacted –hence my and many other’s caution.

For the full article you’ll have to read the issue, but there’s a great deal of interesting musings from Simon’s colourful track record within all sectors of the packaging industry. I think we are reaching biting point, with regard to plastics and recycling, and we as an industry need to be leading and not reacting to the debate which is unfolding before us at an alarming rate.

Of course, as a journalist it’s easy to blow a lot of hot air at a topic, but on this occasion we need action and not words.

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