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We continue to learn about how well the can is faring during Covid-19. A recent Mintel report including research into British consumer food and drink habits during the pandemic has revealed that having been in decline for a number of years, the stockpiling of canned meat has led to a resurgence in sales – up 22% in 2020.

This comes as 58% of meat/poultry eaters said that meals containing processed meat products are comforting. This change in behaviour is also likely to be fuelled by promotion such as the SPAM UK television advert on our screens urging consumers to #getthecanout. Let’s hope the increasing trend for buying comforting canned food continues.

Meanwhile and looking ahead, we are gaining more interest in our Asia CanTech 2021 Awards event and we would like to thank our confirmed sponsors so far for their support for the show that will take place in Bangkok this October. Those companies are:

Stolle Machinery, a leading supplier of two-piece can and end-making machinery for the canmaking industry;

Trelleborg Coated Systems, producer of custom coated material solutions, engineered for specific, highly-demanding applications;

Intralox, offering comprehensive conveyance solutions including conveyor belting, conveyor equipment, and services to help you optimise your plant.

If you would also like to get involved in our Asia CanTech event this year, visit:

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