Dram in a can

Despite all the negativity around the Covid-19 pandemic, the canned beverage is doing very well.

Beverage producers have been creative and have responded to consumer demand with new products and canned packaging.

This week, we discovered that PepsiCo has entered the growing cocktail mixers category and Lucky Jack Coffee is releasing its first canned offering.

Meanwhile, Two Stacks Irish Whiskey in Northern Ireland has released Dram in a Can, which it says is a global first for packaging straight whiskey in a can. One of the company’s founders, Shane McCarthy, said the company had spent a lot of time in lockdown developing the product which offers more access to premium Irish whiskey in smaller quantities – allowing sharing among friends. The 100ml, 86-proof can of Irish whiskey is described as a complex blend of light and dark grain, pot still whiskey, and peated malt. It is only available in the US at the moment and the recent launch will be marked by a virtual festival celebration on St Patrick’s Day, 19 March.

Sláinte to that! Here’s hoping there’s more creativity and choice to come out of these lockdown days.

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