Recycle Week 2023

Every Can Counts (ECC) has created an Infinity Room installation for Recycle Week at W5 Belfast, a Science & Discovery Centre. Image: ECC

The UK’s Recycle Week, taking place from 16-22 October, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, having been launched by Recycle Now in 2004.

According to British charity WRAP’s Recycling Tracker, 88 per cent of UK households regularly recycle. However, the data in the Recycling Tracker highlights that 87 per cent of UK households recycle one or more items which are not accepted in the kerbside recycling and 57 per cent miss one or more items which could be recycled at the kerbside.

This year’s Recycle Week theme is therefore aptly named ‘The Big Recycling Hunt,’ to focus on these ‘missed capture’ items. Recycle Now notes that food tins need only be rinsed in leftover dishwater before putting in recycling, with the labels on, and that any loose lids should be removed from aerosol cans beforehand, but other than that, this year’s campaign shows just how easy and hassle-free it can be to recycle properly.

Additionally, Recycle Now’s Recycling Locator makes it easy for British consumers to see what can and cannot be recycled at kerbside in their local area, by searching for their postcode.

The hope for Recycle Week’s 20th anniversary is to inspire children, families and whole communities to get involved, as well as focusing on local authorities, partners and brands to share the central the message. Local authorities, brands and retailers have been able to get behind the Big Recycling Hunt by signing up to receive all the latest campaign information.

We’ve frequently highlighted the work that needs to be done to educate consumers about recyclability, and it’s encouraging to see this work being furthered and promoted across the UK. It’s been great to hear news coming from Tata Steel, which is joining Alupro’s Aerosol Recycling Initiative, and Every Can Counts, which is working with W5 Belfast on a recycling exhibit to celebrate Recycle Week. Please do get in touch with your company’s Recycle Week activities so we can share them!

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