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Valentine’s Day is a heavily commercialised day, but why not join the hype? There are many ways the metal packaging industry can share its passion and expertise today across social media.

In the news this week we’ve also seen positive financial results; rebrands into slim cans; recycling pilots; new appointments and expansions. The industry is continuing to educate the public too – Every Can Counts has opened a new ‘infinity room’ in North Wales, providing a new, free experience for visitors to the Xplore! Science Discovery Centre, highlighting the infinite recyclability of metal.

In terms of businesses making online sales, Euromonitor International has released its five digital shopper trends that it says will ‘redefine commerce in 2024.’ One of the trends that got me thinking was what Euromonitor calls ‘TikTok economy,’ which is all about how brands can utilise this app to generate growth of their products via digital consumers.

The creative content possibilities are limitless with TikTok, and can help to capture the attention of the younger generation. There’s definitely space for brands to flex their new canned products, educate the public and even to get more people interested in how their cans are made/printed/shaped, etc. As online audiences are becoming more and more receptive to videos, there’s no better time than the present for businesses in the industry to take to the screens and join the hype.

One example that Euromonitor says embraces ‘the power of viral video trends to influence sales’ is that of the Stanley Cup – a large, stainless steel flask/cup type container popular with younger consumers who want to stay hydrated without having to keep refilling a bottle. One TikTok video that has been circulating recently is one showing a Stanley Cup survive an explosion in a car, thus demonstrating its sturdiness. This video was circulated ‘without any direct brand involvement,’ and assisted in driving Stanley Cup sales organically, via platform users.

So, even if brands aren’t yet circulating tonnes of videos on their metal-packaged products, there’s still a chance for cans to go viral. Love spreads quickly through short-form videos.

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