Decrease in metal packaging carbon footprint

Further improvement has been achieved in the metal packaging industry’s environmental positioning, according to a study by European Metal Packaging (Empac).

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study identifies the average environmental impact of the life cycle of metal packaging products manufactured in Europe, as well as showcasing the industry’s contribution to sustainable development.

Compared to 2006 there is a solid reduction in the carbon footprint for steel and rigid aluminium packaging amounting to 20% and 39% respectively. The reduction in CO2 is attributable to the following factors:

  • The increased amounts of green energy used in the energy mix for the packaging manufacturing process
  • The higher average European metal recycling rates being achieved
  • A reduction in the raw materials required per unit leading to a lower average packaging weight

“The Empac environmental scorecard demonstrates that metal packaging continues to focus on using resources and materials in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible. We are pleased with the latest results, but will continue to set ambitious targets for the future,” said Ellen Wauters, senior communications and industry manager of Empac.

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