Grolsch gets a new look

Brewer SABMiller has revealed a new design for all cans, bottles and other packaging for the beer brand Grolsch.

The new packaging will be hitting the store shelves worldwide at the start of March. SABMiller teamed up with design agency Cartils to give the brand a more prominent look and feel. The primary focus was on the creation of a consistent worldwide visual identity, which emphasises the brand values as well as increasing the standout factor.

All Grolsch’s packaging now includes the rich, vivid green and red accents. The signature Grolsch ‘G’ is also prominent in the new-look designs and is uniform across the whole product portfolio.

The Grolsch can has experienced the largest change, where the silver has made way for green. Additionally, the opening on top of the can has been made bigger to increase drinking comfort as well as an improved taste-protecting foil on the inside to keep the taste. The Grolsch “cool-meter” can also be found on the new can. When it turns blue it indicates that the beer has reached its ideal drinking temperature.

“Grolsch has a rich heritage and we believe the new packaging shows off the brand’s story of quality, attention to detail and pride in standing out from the crowd. In addition, we want to revitalise Grolsch to increase stand-out on the beer shelf,” says Ronald van Amerongen, Grolsch global brand director.

The new packaging will include the Grolsch Swing-top, the Grolsch 33cl and 25cl bottles, the Grolsch can and all secondary packaging. The crates and bottle shapes remain unchanged.

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