Every Can Counts announces drink brand partnership in Ireland

Every Can Counts has announced its first drinks brand partnership in Ireland with carbon neutral, Irish start-up, The Naked Collective, to help inspire and encourage more people to recycle their empty drink cans.

The partnership will see The Naked Collective, which is based in County Kildare, join forces with Every Can Counts, drink can manufacturers and the recycling industry to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and increase recycling rates in Ireland.

As part of the partnership, the brand will provide funding to the programme, with both working together to spread the message that drink cans are endlessly recyclable.

The Naked Collective is a carbon-neutral company. From sourcing its plant-friendly ingredients to recyclable and compostable packaging for its cans and boxes, sustainability is at the forefront of the brand.

Róisín O’Brien, Every Can Counts Ireland programme manager, said: “We’re very excited to announce our first Irish drink brand partnership with The Naked Collective. The company fits so well with what we’re trying to achieve as we both have the same mission – to save precious energy and resources by ensuring each and every drink can is recycled. We’re looking forward to working with The Naked Collective over the next year to help raise awareness and inspire recycling throughout the nation.”

Every Can Counts is a partnership formed between drink can manufacturers and the wider recycling industry, all with the goal of reaching a 100% recycling rate for drinks cans.

Ireland has one of the highest rates in Europe for aluminium drink can recycling and recovery, with 89% of cans in the country being recycled or recovered in 2019.

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