Hartwall Original Long Drink launches canned pineapple flavour

Image: Royal Unibrew

Hartwall Original Long Drink – or gin in a tin as it is otherwise known – has announced the launch of a brand new Pineapple flavour in the UK. This latest offering will expand its core range, which already features three other flavours including Orange, Cranberry and the original, Grapefruit.

The latest drink was inspired by the flavour’s popularity within the industry, with reports showing a +54% growth in 2021 for pineapple-based flavours, and coming out top in the brand’s own consumer taste tests, with 73% reporting purchase intent

Featuring tropical flavour notes, the Pineapple gin in a tin is made with soda, creating a light and refreshing drink, and is 170 calories per can.

While this gin in a tin is best enjoyed on its own, it can also be paired with rum, coconut water & fresh pineapple to make a Piña Colada Spritz, says the brand.

Original Long Drink, Finland’s national beverage, is a refreshing blend of Finnish artisan gin and grapefruit that has captivated Finns for over 70 years. Today, this sophisticated yet easy-going Original Long Drink holds on to its heritage as the world’s first ready-to-drink gin cocktail in a can.

Danielle Brady, brand development manager at Royal Unibrew, commented:  “We are giving a classic flavour a fresh new twist – perfect for Summer. After seeing demand for a new flavour of Original Long Drink, we are proud to say we have delivered and we’re really excited to be launching Pineapple! 

“Over the last year, we have seen the remarkable growth of the brand into new venues across the North West and beyond, ensuring wider availability of the Finnish favourite and cementing it as a popular choice among consumers and bartenders alike. This new launch marks another step forward in our commitment to providing our customers refreshing and original flavours, which are easy-to-serve and just as easy-to-drink whether they’re enjoyed inside or outside.”

The new flavour will be available to UK venues in 330ml cans, 5.5% ABV and in cases of 24. Current stockists include North West based bars such as NQ64, Bongo’s Bingo, Baltic Market, PINS Social Club. 

Venues can visit LWC Drinks Ltd, HB Clark, Matthew Clark, Molson Coors, Hops and Barley, Amathus or Scandi Kitchen if they are interested in stocking Original Long Drink. 

Hartwall Original Long Drink is part of the Royal Unibrew group portfolio, which encompasses a wide range of renowned brands including Royal Beer, Ceres & Supermalt.

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